What are the best series to cross over Sailor Moon with?

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Feb 10, 2019
@Tsundereshipper I haven't read the series in a very long time either, but I think you're right about Mokuren and everyone else not being from the moon. I agree that it would be nice if they find info about the Moon Kingdom and know the history of it too.

It's true that Rei could find out about Shion's plans easily while being able to find a way to stop him. I can definitely see Alice and her friends along with the Inner Senshi telling each other stories about their past lives while having things in common with each other.

In fact I can also see Sakura and Shusuran as Sailor Senshi too. It's funny how Enju became a guy in the modern times meaning that Issei could've been a Sailor Senshi when he was Enju. Normally guys can't be Sailor Senshi, but there's the Three lights/Sailor Starlights in the 90s anime though.
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Sep 1, 2011
Scala Ad Caelum
I could see this crossing over well with Sailor V in particular as Minako gets wind of Joker and considers him a rival of sorts or maybe Tuxedo Mask manages to run into him during one of his Jewel Heists and they get mistaken for each other (Maybe Minako herself accidentally mistakes Joker for Mask?)
Honestly, there’s actually quite a but you could do with Persona 5. In fact… I am might be thinking of something right now.