What are your favourite adult lines from SM?

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Jan 4, 2023
Stuff a kid wouldn´t understand. Like this:

Or when Haruka said to Michiru that Haruka doesn´t think she will be letting Michiru go back home that night (in a non threatening manner) and Michiru sounds very intrigued about what possibilities await at night at Haruka´s flat.

And at the end of Stars, at the end of the episode when they are at the end of Moonlight Densetsu, there is that feather that looks rather interesting. I guess you can use feathers in a multitude of ways, Totally Spies on Deviantart will get you lots of ideas if for some reason you don´t have any, but that it also happened to be right after Usagi A friendzoned Seiya (right in front of Mamoru and her friends, Yaten and Taiki too, and their princess) and B asked Mamoru how much he loves her, that might be a more interesting choice by that animator.

I kinda wish that Usagi had the idea to innuendo her friends back at them for her own amusement, like saying: "I met Mamo first, sorry, for such a kind person like you, but there are five people who are on either side of me right now who might be interested in you eh..."

A lot of lines from Minako in general also count, the girl who seems to have a machine dripping Adderall into her at all times, trying to take Taiki to an erotic movie, being the only character on SM to have that nosebleed effect when she fantasized about Yaten and being under the covers with him, etc.

Esmeraude makes the line whose meaning is obvious, saying that the Senshi are flat chested with non curvy hips, which obviously makes Usagi insecure, well, more than she is already, probably makes the others irritated too, but Jupiter pipes back with the excellent and subtler retort that in the Viz Dub at least, says: "We prefer to think of ourselves as small but toned, (you) old lady." Coming from Mademoiselle Talent, it´s a bit funny, but oh well.

I guess while not related anything with sex or romance, still a higher age rating I guess, it is interesting when Usagi of all people starts swearing at people, like calling the Black Moon Clan a group of bastards for literally crucifying her friends in green crystals. You expect it from Haruka or Makoto, maybe Mamoru wouldn´t be out of place, but when Usagi is getting that angry is a very good time to be afraid.
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Jun 17, 2019
Minako misinterpreting Chibi-Usa’s description of her guy when she and Ami try to grill her about it in SuperS and thinking she was trying to say he has a “long dick.” :lol:


Lumen Cinererum
Nov 16, 2014
“ A world where children never grow up?”

“There are so many thing things only adults can experience . They don’t really need to do this.”

Just classic!
Jun 8, 2023
What does it mean to an adult? Is this some joke that in the 90s it was lewd?
Nothing lewd...and while not necessarily adult-themed...it seems more like a line from mean girls...something for a somewhat older target audience (teens or young adults) show...and more like a comment a younger kid may not find funny or understand (about dyeing or bleaching hair).
For me, it was simply a funny (and random) choice by Dic (random as many characters have different fantasy-colored hair).