When (or if) Hollywood makes a live-action Sailor Moon movie

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Lapis Lunaris
Oct 25, 2017
I had this thought for when (or if) Hollywood were to make a live-action Sailor Moon movie:
  • It would most likely be rated PG13.
  • There would be an anime movie marathon the night prior to release (if we guess the order).
  • Good chance of it playing in IMAX, 3D and premium auditorioums.
I was also wondering:
  • Which production company would produce the film.
  • A drink name for patrons 21 and older (I go to AMC myself, and it is called MacGuffins).


Aurorae Lunares
Sep 21, 2010
my choice and director or producer would have to be Robert Rodriguez or James Cameron or both. Seeing how well done Alita was done we could be satisfied with just one film right?
I'd rather have a second Alita movie. :P

I think part of Alita's strength as a film is that Cameron was a legit manga fan and spent years working on a screenplay that Rodriguez had to work with and compile. Sailor Moon not do much. Although if they could at least be the production company and use Alita/Avatar style graphics, that might be cool!


Staff member
Site Admin
May 7, 2009
I can't seem to find traces on it online, but didn't the dead SaveOurSailors site talked about having a live action movie with Geena Davis playing Queen Beryl and it was funded by Disney?

Update on the Live Action Feature
Have heard about that in the past. She could look great as Beryl. :cool:


Solaris Luna
Feb 1, 2011
I'd kind of rather not see a live action Hollywood Sailor Moon production, Hollywood isn't exactly known for making good live-action anime movies (Alita being the exception). But I do think a western animated Sailor Moon movie could be really cool! Imagine if you could get Don Bluth to design the monsters and villains' lair...
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