Why were the Sailor Senshi from the future still wear their base uniforms?

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Jul 6, 2018
It is for the 90s, manga and Crystal. But even in Stars in the manga they are still wearing these instead of their Eternal forms. I know for Black Moon/R the rest if the story was not fleshed out, but in the last story arc they keep them. I thought a lot on this. To be honest there is not much if any difference between the base uniforms and the ones after the upgrade done by Neo Queen Serenity. So my theory is that, while NQS could upgrade them that is all she could do as she lost her power to her heir. And the rest of the upgrades the Super and Eternal forms came from Usagi herself in the manga. And once she lost her power in the future the rest had to rely to the powers they were born with. Do you have any other theories? The easiest thing is to say inconsistencies, but it is always nice to try and find some valid explanation.

Onuzim Ima

Aurorae Lunares
Aug 11, 2010
After the first classic season, things possibly weren't fleshed out that much yet. It all developed over time. In-Universe, my theory is that in the Future, if their identities are openly known to the public, they could be wearing their basic Fukus 24/7 and only upgrade if necessary. That said, like sapphire91 I can imagine that - as typical for :usagi:, - she could have lost her Senshi powers before she was able to upgrade her comrades' outfits & powers in time.

Then, on the other hand, the girls' costumes have become so iconic that it would have been almost a mortal sin to change them beyond recognition. The modifications on Moon's were already bad enough. :keke:
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Aurorae Lunares
Jan 7, 2014
Dark Kingdom
Maybe in the future they are strong enough in their base form that they don't need other transformations. Could be like how in DBZ some of the higher levels of Super Saiyan are not as efficent and drain the fighters stamina too fast.
I like this idea!

As for mine, maybe once Usagi ascended as queen their upgrades "broke" and they reverted to their base forms?
Yet, Pluto still had her Super upgrade in the future timeline in Stars...
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Luna Crescens
Nov 13, 2018
This topic seems to come up quite a bit...
I like to think of the Sailor Moon universe as having a linear timeline, but you could argue that Sailor Moon changed the future over time so that the future presented in R isn't the exact future that plays out. In the future presented in R perhaps the senshi never became super or eternal, and perhaps they never befriended Uranus & Neptune. You could also argue that the Chibiusa who returns after R is from an altered future than the one she originally came from.


Aurorae Lunares
Jun 30, 2010
This is one reason why I like to discount Stars entirely.

Without Stars, one could infer that with Pegasus going away, so do all those magical dream powers and Super forms. Our heroes are busted back down to base form and have to fight like that.