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Solaris Luna
Feb 27, 2008
senshi of love said:
Well you dont have problems with translating them, you know perfectly german. :mrgreen:
Actually, I did have a few problems, as some of the entries don't make much sense when translated directly (and some don't make sense at all, lol). But I did my best.

senshi of love

Lumen Cinererum
Feb 3, 2008
I translated some of them directly they didnt make sense, so i make it my way. :oops: When we work all together on this we can make it. :D


Solaris Luna
Jun 23, 2007
Planet Jupiter
You watch to much Sm when:

-You are trying to download all Sailor moon pictures from the web
-You are tryign to put a gold "stick"on your horse and you are wondering why doesnt he apear in your dreams.
-When you cant concentrate on anything else besides Mamoru and Usagi
-Instead of a man you see a women on the moon
-You believe that on the next corner Mamoru will show up and bump up into you
-When you sit on your Pc until 5 pm in the night and do stuff related to Sailor Moon
-When you have Sailor moon pics on your I-pod
-when you have sm songs on your I-pod
-When you believe that Britney Spears with"evrytime i try to fly ,i fall" was thinking about sailor moon.
-When you go to sleep and still think about sailor moon.
-When you hook up a white cat with a black one.
-When you will almost cry because you dont have the posters of Mamoru and Usagi and when you scream of happines when you find one the next day.
-when you use 10 sailor moon nick names on the various chat rooms.
-When you take a broche(the thing wich sm can transform into a model and other stuff)and try to transform with it into sm.
-When you go into the star light express and you start crying because the yaten,taiki and seiya where not there.
-When you could argue all day long why seiya fit better with usagi then mamoru.
-When you fly to japan and look for Usagi and the rest.
-When you run all day long in your sm clothes.
-When you let your hair grow until the flor so that you can wear your hair like usagi.
-When you dress up in a white dress and say that from this moment your name is Serenity.
-When you choose astronomie in your school because you want to learn the teleporter to other planets.
-When you run around in your smoking and throw roses around you.
-When while playing basketball you always starts yelling "luna p- transfom".
-When you see the moon you say"moon healing escalation"
-When you belive that you once saved the world and you forgott everything and that its your cats fault.
-When see Mamoru in every darkhaired guy
-When you call your horse pegasus and try to fly with him trough the air

-thats all i did ...it late and im sleepy so this is all i could do for now :D


Lumen Cinererum
Feb 15, 2008
...you start making half-moon bald spots on all the cats you meet.
...on your 18th birthday, you go directly to a tattooist and get the signs of Neptune and Uranus on your left and right upper arms.
...you ask any black or white cat you see on the street to give you a magic pen.
...you give someone a trophy that looks like the Holy Grail, thinking that Mistress 9 will appear.
...after watching the live action series, you raid the TV network, looking for everything to do with the show, including the diaries of the actresses.
...check to see if you've done everything on this list.
...go to all the car races you can, hoping to spot Haruka.
...are a teacher and want one of your students to dye their hair like Michiru and wear a serafuku to the swimming carnival, assuming that said student will win.
...you're the swimming team coach and as you take your students into the first pool, you imagine a ball-shaped piece of water rise up and you shout "Deep Submerge!"
...you forget the colour of your walls because they're covered by Sailor Moon posters.
...your friends try to filter your internet and TV to remove everything relating to Sailor Moon in order to stop your addiction. You see them doing it, but when you confront them, you pretend you saw it in your hand mirror.
...Naoko asks you to finish the series for her, ending with Haruka and Michiru getting married.
...you've never played darts, but you manage to get 100 points by placing a picture of your least favourite villain over the bullseye.
...someone tries to trick you, but fails and when they ask how you knew what was happening, you pull out a mirror and claim that you can see all through your mirror.
...your girlfriend drops her pen, but before she picks it up, you say "Stop, it is your choice whether you take the pen, but if you do, and use it when it's in your hand, your life will change forever."
...you know what to do if someone says "I hate the sea."
...you go to the beach and play violin pieces.
...you notice that everyone in the area hides whenever you pick up a glass of water.
...whenever you're in a cathedral, you're careful that no arrows fly through the windows and hit you.
...your girlfriend constantly asks if the wind is blowing the right way.
...you scream "Die you b****!" if you see Eugeal on the TV.
...you shout "By the power of Neptune, I punish you!" or "Deep Submerge!" at people you hate.
...your friends don't dare to say that Mercury is better than Neptune, since the last time that happened, everything got very wet, very quickly.
...your Psychologist makes sure not to have a glass of water in his room when you visit.
...your parents threaten to ban you from the telephone, TV and seeing your friends if you don't stop throwing water at everyone.
...someone asks where you come from and you say "Neptune."
...in your dreams you are Haruka and Eugeal is always in your nightmares.
...your friends go to a psychologist because they have a nervous breakdown every time you touch a glass of water.
...you throw a glass of water over the head of anyone who looks remotely like Eugeal.
...you read this list at least once a day.
...you try and change the name of your school to "Mugen Gakuen".
...every day you spin around and shout "Neptune Power, Make Up!" and hope that you transform into Sailor Neptune.
...you throw a glass of water on your disgruntled parents and shout "Deep Submerge!"
...you are at sea and a huge wave approaches. You point at it and shout "Deep Submerge!"
...you stand in front of the stove and attempt to see the future.
...you call the TV channel Arte, Artemis and the channel Salomon, Sailor Moon.
...you and your boyfriend break up because you agree that it has to happen to protect you.
...you think that if you send enough letters to Mattel, they'll replace Barbie with Sailor Moon.
...you're afraid to go to a planetarium because you're afraid of the evil lurking there.
...you've already named the next Sailor Moon series even though it doesn't exist yet.
...you go to the same volleyball club as your 5 year old brother.
...you dress up as Sailor Moon and run around the garden killing "demons" (your younger brother and his friends).
...you suggest to random women in the city that they should wear a Sailor Jupiter costume.
...you think that a male singing trio that you know can turn into girls.
...you abandon your steak dinner when you hear that RTL2 is showing Sailor Moon again (???).

There's my lot, a few in there made NO sense whatsoever...


Lumen Cinererum
Oct 7, 2007
There is also an Sailor V related collection, so I translated these all (except the doubles), couldn't resist. ^^
I know it then should be named "You know when you read too much..." but well. ^^;

You want to play volleyball again, but have no time to do it
You got everytime when possible to spend blood to get a better person
You think you have your own TV show
You go into a game hall to play Sailor V
You are scared of a japanese police officer because she might want you for the police because you have a second identity
You go in every karaoke bar to make well your friend in hospital
You think every guy you meet is the great love of your life
The police starts to beg you to help them
You suddenly search for your ribbons from childhood because you think they look way more cute as scrunchies
You start to talk with your pen
You let grow your hair till under your butt, color them blonde (if needed), you cut you an bang and only wear red, orange and yellow clothes with a blue pleated skirt
You think every white cat is Artemis and you run screaming after them
You are the holy ghost in the sky
You only drink ACE-juice
You always wake up too late and have to run for school too feel like Minako and to show your advantage is velocity
You recognize in every animal an demon - especially in midges
You buy bleach which is branded ACE and hope somewhen a guy jumps out of the package which is so cute like Ace
You beg your mom to buy an white cat which you can name then Artemis
You start to hang big posters of Minako at the walls of your room because you love Minako
You start to act like a heroine with short skirt and so on only because you hope you meet such an cool guy like Ace then
You think you can watch Sailor V on TV
You alone try to defeat demons
You buy an crescent mirror and lay it every night on the windowsill
Your cat runs bleeding through your flat because you tried to cut an crescent moon into the forehead fur
You EVERYWHERE search for companions to fight the dark organisation (meaning all non-moonies)

And a few ones from the Sailor Moon related, I work from end upwards. ^^;

800 - You demand that everyone should wear school uniforms at your school
801 - You start to throw red roses after all phantoms
802 - Your friends say you are "Sailor Moon fanatic" AND YOU TAKE IT AS AN COMPLIMENT
803 - You sit before an exam in school and suddenly jump up, hold your pen in the air and scream "Moon Power! Transform me into an omniscient student!"
804 - You only go out at full moon because during other moon phases you may could be hit by an crescent beam
805 - You are convienced that Tamagotchi is the newest trick of Jedite to drain energy from humans, ---- or it is Anne and Ail's new guardian, this time electrical, which never refuses an order
806 - You find yourself in a hospital because you were hit by a lightning
807 - You say instead of "May the force be with you" you say "May the force of the moon be with you"
808 - You walk along a pedestrian precinct with a laser pointer sticked at your index finger. When you start running and scream "Crescent Beam, Crescent Beam"
809 - You watch the whole Sailor Moon Classic season during one night
810 - You found a Zoisite fanclub
811 - You name your cats Luna and Artemis
812 - You think "Super Sailor Mercury" is the same as "AMI PRO" (Mina_Chan: AMI PRO, an ancient word processor format/program)
813 - You organize a party where everyone hast to come in Sailor Moon costumes

senshi of love

Lumen Cinererum
Feb 3, 2008
I ll add more of them soon. Some of them are complicated.. :oops:


... You are walking in smoking and throws red roses around you.
...You draw a Neptune symbol on your hand mirror hoping that you would transform in Sailor Neptune.
...You tell your classmate: "Even if you have the best grades, still you r not so smart like Ami.
... You have a flu and you don't want take your medicine, cause you hope Sailor Venus will come to heal you.
... Your friends abandoned you, because they can't listen your comparing with Sailor senshis anymore.
...You and your Japanese friend WWSMB (we want sailor moon back) want to start a campaign and when it s obvious it wont work, you complain to rtl2.
... You during your class lessons draw Hotaru and your teacher come by and she said:"Oh, Sailor moon?!"
... You every time when you see the moon you shout:" Moon Tiara Action!"
... You play basketball you repeat all the time: "Luna-P! Transform!"
... You try to find a "Chanella" in animal encyclopedias.
... You v searched all places to find the Time Key.
... You believe that you v saved the world, but you can't remember and it s all your cats fault (poor cat).
... You r afraid to go to jeweler shops cause you think that somebody could take your life energy,
...You believe that you can actually see other people's dreams.
... You see Mamoru in all guys with black hair.
... You in stationery shop ask for Magic Pen.
... You r afraid of flowers cause you think they might transform into a demon.
... You and your 4 friends have gone in a search for princess.
... You named your horse Pegasus and you try to teach him how to fly.
... You try so hard to make those meatballs like Sailor moon has.
... You take one of your mum's broaches and you try to transform into Sailor moon (but nothing happened.)
... You think that every black cat you see in the street is actually Luna and that she is looking for you. And you ask yourself, why your friend doesn't believe that when you tell her??
... You actually believe that Sailor senshis are real.
... You go with your friends to pasture and there you start yelling on cows, thinking actually that they r evil. Then you try to summon the power of Saturn to beat them.
... You call your friend Artemis but he doesn't even hear you.
... Your friend comes by in a long black tuxedo and you put him a black hat on head, give him a white cane and a white mask on his face, so that he looks just like Tuxedo Mask.
... You r looking for the crescent moon sign on your cats forehead and you wonder why can't she talk.
... You color your horse in white, you stick some wings on his back and a golden horn on his forehead, so that you can prove that you capture Pegasus.
... You imagine that you r wearing a skirt.
... You r searching a team for your performance in Sailor Moon Live Action.
... You look for every Sailor moon fan art.
... You actually believe that you in your past life lived in the Moon Kingdom and now you r reborn.
...You named your transsexual friend "Seiya"
... You draw every day a moon symbol on your forehead.
... You believe that Sailor Sun, Galaxy and Earth really existing.
... You said the little girl from your neighborhood that you can see her future mother.
... You believe that you came from Saturn and you were sent to save the Earth.
... You want to draw a Sailor senshis on the walls.
... You make a driving license, buy a white- red Yamaha, fitting outfit and a helmet so you can drive along the beach.
... You put a lemon on your violin when you play.
... You imagine that Haruka wake you up in morning.
... You r discussing the whole weekend about Haruka and Michiru with your friends.
... You have some really crazy ideas with your friend. You r planning take off your weight and cut your hair so that you two can look together just like Haruka and Michiru.
... You decide to make a tattoo for your birthday and that will be the both symbols of Uranus and Neptune.
... You start to talk with cats that have fur in shape of crescent moon.
... You every black or white cat that you see on street beg that she gives you a Transformation Pen.


senshi of love said:
You during your class lessons draw Hotaru and your teacher come by and she said:"Oh, Sailor moon?!"
So how does that make YOU an avid SM fan? :oops: If it's got sth to do with the teacher...

senshi of love said:
You believe that you v saved the world, but you can't remember and it s all your cats fault (poor cat).
How can you believe it if you can't even remember it in the first place???? O_O

senshi of love said:
You imagine that you r wearing a skirt.
Uhh... Any girl can wear a skirt... can't she? ^^;

Mina_Chan said:
802 - Your friends say you are "Sailor Moon fanatic" AND YOU TAKE IT AS AN COMPLIMENT


Anton-P said:
Maybe this one was written by a guy?
But the guy can always be transsexual... Being t'sexual isn't always all about Sailor Moon... :p

OK, OK, I'm kidding. No offence to s' of love. :)


Aurorae Lunares
Jun 2, 2007
United States
dfcowell said:
...your friends don't dare to say that Mercury is better than Neptune, since the last time that happened, everything got very wet, very quickly.
:lol: If I had friends to talk to that liked Sailor Moon, I might see myself doing that one. :mrgreen:
dfcoweel said:
...you suggest to random women in the city that they should wear a Sailor Jupiter costume.
Hm...SGrade, that could be you, couldn't it? :p :lol:


Aurorae Lunares
Jun 2, 2007
United States
I suppose that's true...it just reminded me of you when I saw it.

-Whenever someone mentions marriage and children, you picture yourself with someone from the show...and then wonder what a half-"real", half-anime baby would look like. :lol:


Aurorae Lunares
May 3, 2008
mercury22 said:
-Whenever someone mentions marriage and children, you picture yourself with someone from the show...and then wonder what a half-"real", half-anime baby would look like. :lol: