Your Sailor Moon Collection!

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Mamoru Chiba

Luna Crescens
Jan 22, 2004
I'm a fan, but not hardcore like you guys :( . The most I ever had is a poster, a deck of cards, drawings, and sticker cards. And all the Stars episodes on my computer.


Luna Crescens
Dec 10, 2003
*sigh* I'm waiting for the day I will have money to buy Sailor Moon merchandise, to have a room like that...but while I wait for that day...

I think the only thing I can feel proud is my BIG collection of burned CDs:
Episodes, Seramyus, Music CDs, Images, Games, Manga, PGSM...

Hey, I will buy the real ones someday, but in the while, I can't stand with nothing... :)

Dosei no Senshi

Aurorae Lunares
Sep 26, 2003
Palm Coast, FL, USA
I got the 18 on Ebay for $100 before they were bid on. They came about 3 months later and the edges were yellowed on all of them. That made me a little angry, but I lived. I want the Sailor V manga now... There's only three of those, and they're often on Ebay. Although, are they always in Japanese?

Kerochan no Miko

Knight Radiant
Staff member
Site Admin
Feb 29, 2004
theedqueen said:
wow, you actually have all 18 original tankubon. I still have yet to find them and buy them :x I'm so jealous!!!!!!!!
...I didn't know they were a collector's item. I got all 18 off ebay for about $40 several years ago. Maybe I should auction them off.

Kerochan no Miko

Knight Radiant
Staff member
Site Admin
Feb 29, 2004
I heard that the poster thingeys were only in the first edition printing, or something like that - though I read it on the internet so there's a fifty-fifty chance that it's wrong anyway. I just know that a couple of mine don't have posters.
Oct 11, 2003
The Rings of Saturn
Weee!! Posting pictures! I just took these so yeah, my room is messy.

Things not shown-
I have all the NA sailormoon CDs, two seramyu cds, a sailor saturn paperdoll. Uhm... stickers... and a few manga that are in my closet and the dic sailormoon callenders. OH! And one poster from Sailormoon SuperS (Probably for the movie because it has Uranus and Neptune and I think Pluto in it but no Saturn. :( )

I don't have a lot of sailormoon stuff. Mostly because I need to split my money betwen ALL my interests. xD

(This actually is an old picture, stuff I got off CDJapan. ^^)

Stuff you can't see well. I have a Saturn keychain hanging on one of the drawers. I have sailormoon stationary, Sailormoon CD cases and on the side inside my desk is a mini wallscroll of serenity and chibiusa.

My friend kindly copied ALL her musicals for me (seramyu) She also taped SM Classic and SailorStars for me. (The three movies are also there and a few musicals that I bought *on dvd*)

I <3 Saturn! xD And Panda's.

-My Bookcase-

close up of important things!

-Wall behind my bed-

That's all. Not big compared to some but meh, I like it. I doubt I could fit anymore in anyway. ^_^;
Jan 28, 2004
OK, lessee...

All 18 original tankubon (with the mini-posters in the front)
All Mixx manga
All 3 Sailor V
All 10 of the anime comics for first season
Vol. 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7 of the S season animecomics
Chinese edition of the two anime albums for first season
R seasnn "sketchbook" (animation sketches with notes about coloring and such)
R movie anime album
S season anime album
S movie anime album (Chinese edition)
1st artbook
2nd artbook
Stars Merry Christmas song collection CD
SuperS Orgel Fantasia CD
Complete Vocal Collection Volume 1 CD
Best Song Collection CD
S movie Music Collection CD
R "Mirai e..." CD
Cutie Moon Rod
S season 11-inch Neptune doll
Dream Pocket Pluto doll
SailorMoon World Mini Collection Uranus doll
SailorMoon S season vinyl pencil bag
SD Eternal Sailormoon coin bank
KIRARI / C'est la Vie single
Koro-pack CD
Love Ballad Edition myu CD
Eternal Edition myu CD
Starlights Ryuusei Densetsu myu CD
Best Song Collection vol 3 myu CD
Mugen Gakuen flyer
ANZA myu DVD box set flyer
Sailormoon World Festival 2002 flyer
Mugen Gakuen program book
Mugen Gakuen K program book
Starlights program book
Kakyuu program book
First season on DVD
First season on VHS fansubbed
Second season on VHS fansubbed
Third season on VHS fansubbed
Fourth season on VHS fansubbed
Final volume of SuperS on DVD
Fifth season on VHS fansubbed
Stars Kaiteiban
Eien Densetsu Final Frst Stage senshuuraku fansubbed
Kaguya Shima Densetsu Kaiteiban
Kaguya Omake
Kaguya Fan Kan
Kaguya K Omake
Last Dracul
Last Dracul fansubbed
Last Dracul Omake fansubbed
Last Dracul Guide fansubbed
Transylvania no Mori
Transylvania no Mori K FK fansubbed
Transylvania no mori K
Transylvania no Mori K Omake
Death Vulcan
Black Lady FK fansubbed
Nakayoshi Black Lady promotional video
Black Lady
Black Lady K
Tenth Anniversary
Mugen Gakuen FK
Mugen Gakuen
Mugen Gakuen K FK
Mugen Gakuen K
Starlights FK
Starlights Omake
Kakyuu FK

I have a LOT more toys, but they're at my Mom's house still, and I don't remember them.
On the way, I have vol. 2 and 4-6 of the new manga (they were sold out), Mars Moon and Venus' new singles, and the Kakyuu musical and omake.

:D **

EDIT - I forgot the movies!
I have all three movies on VHS, both subbed and dubbed. And the Ail/Ann arc of R dubbed in a VHS box set that my old roomie abandoned. ^^

EDIT 2 - I forgot wall scrolls and such!
I have *thinks* five full-sized wall scrolls, about a half dozen bamboo mini-scrolls, the 1996 and 1998 SailorMoon wall calendars (those huge ones).
... I think that's it... *laughs*


Lumen Cinererum
Dec 5, 2003
I really don't get it.

I'll be honest, I've downloaded all the anime (except the movies, which are hard to get) and every episode of PGSM (which I dearly love). Hell, I've got even DLed a few of the musicals.

I can understand people wanting to buy the tapes and the DVDs, the Manga, maybe a poster or two, the Luna plushies look quite cute, but much more than that and I get confused.

Why the sticker books? Why the limited-edition models? Why all the dolls and the plushies? Why the lithographs, the key rings, the paper-doll fukus and the hand-drawn posters? Why this endless parade of pink plastic collectability? I just don't get it.

Maybe I don't have the soul of a collector, or a true fan. Maybe I missed out on the Sailor Moon glory days of the 1990s -- I guess I'm something of a Sailor Moon-come-lately.

Does all this "stuff" help you enjoy the shows any more than you already do? Please someone help me understand!

Sep 10, 2003
Phoenix AZ
To FireflySenshi:
You took your Saturn doll out of the box? Or did you buy it that way? And did you play with it? I know I do :P Bur I keep my precous item of all my things I have in as perfect condition as it can get.

And to add, I wubs your gallery. It has such a variety of anime and japanese thingies. I need a shelf like you have but my room is too small. answer wizzle wazzle:

So you didn't see SM when it first ran? That is what I'm getting from what you said. But anyway, it isn't more that, but everyone has their obessions. For some people, its porn. For others, its anime. And these trinkets bring your room or house or workplace some life. And people can see what you are interested in.

If I had the money, I wouldn't spend it all on SM, but on other anime, J-Pop posters and CDs.

It gives you a fuzzy, happy feeling inside when you look at it.

Now, my room doesn't look like a prison cell after sprucing it up the summer before I started going to HS.

Kerochan no Miko

Knight Radiant
Staff member
Site Admin
Feb 29, 2004
I've been watching Sailor Moon since before it was dubbed and on TV in the US, and I'm not a big collector. When you started watching doesn't really have much to do with it. For me, it's all about the money - I have a few plushies and figures that I thought were cute, a couple wall scrolls that I bought to brighten my dorm room (which will end up on ebay once I'm no longer lazy, 'cause I'm not in a dorm anymore), but nothing really interesting. Most of my "presents for self" money goes toward anime DVDs, because I think that having more anime to watch is more important than having trinkets to get dusty on my shelves, and I don't have a lot of money to spare.

Some people like to collect things. I don't. But other people don't like the hobbies I have. So, whatever works.