Your Sailor Moon Collection!

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Aurorae Lunares
Feb 13, 2004
I'm not a huge collector. It's not that I need to get every single toy ever made or anything like that, but it's nice to have a toy or two here and there and a couple of stickers. It's not like stickers and things like that are expensive, so it's a nice way to show off your SM pride. And toys, expensive or not, are just preference. I mean, I loved playing w/ all sorts of dolls when I was a kid, so I always think of dolls before anything else when I think of SM toys. People who like to role play (like I did since all of my toys were crap hand-me-downs) may also prefer the life-size Cutie Moon Rods, or their SailorMercury henshin wand, or even (as my case is) a Telelia S cell phone. So wazzle, I hope that helps you understand better why people need to collect this stuff. At least that's my take on things.


Site Admin
Dec 31, 2003
Heh, the [THE HAPPY PLACE] shirt is missing from your pictures of stuff, Dosei.

How is it this thread has 2000+ views?
I got a sailor moon sticker too! I got it from another moony friend, traded it for a bloosom sticker. I know my collection isn't much but I'm very happy with it.

Sailor moon cresent moon wand
transformation brotch
sailor moon sticker
sailor moon statue
sailor mercury statue
sailor mars statue
sailor jupiter statue
sailor venus statue
black lady statue
sailor moon eteral wand
four random sailor moon folders I found at a salvation army
sailor mars plushie doll
sailor moon s (all of the season on vhs)
sailor moon super s (two vhs tapes)
sailor moon r (5 sailor moon dic tapes)
sailor moon s the movie
sailor moon r the movie
sailor moon super s the movie
sailor moon party hats
sailor moon party plates (both this one and the aboved one where bought at a dollar store ^^)

And hopefully when I get back from the convetnion this weekend I'll have something else to add to it. I know it an't much but at one time or another (blasted childhood) I had plenty of sailor moon stuff. I had three sailor moon dolls (moon and mars. I had two mars cuz the first one was sent out with the wrong type of shoes), six sailor scout action figures (moon, mars, mercury, venus, jupiter, and beryl), a sailor moon kite that I got at a local gas station, and a poster that matches the kite. But unfotunatly with moving and stuff I lost everything listed in this paragraph one way or another (The kite I used and it broke in half > >). I don't know how in the world I kept my cresent moon wand since when my baby brother was a toddler he couldn't destroy that thing faster but somehow through it all I got to keep it and it still works, though the emperiam silver crystal is gone and the cresent moon on it needs to be repainted. Im not keeping that nor the transformation brooch for resale value anyway, the brooch had a major problem when some batteries exploded inside of it. The volume doesn't work anymore on it.
I feel better than I have been feeling lately, but what I am going through now is not exactly a picnic, either. I am not going to list all of my things, but I want to give you all an idea of my BSSM collection.

I own every book that I listed here: ... index.html


Solaris Luna
Nov 8, 2003
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Kyaa the Catlord said:
We were seeking porn. :)
Haha. It's funny because me and my friends having refered to "collection" to describe our collection of pornography. You know not that we have a collection or pr0n ... it was just for laughs.

Never really considered this to be a collection but I guess in time that's what it's become.

I can't posssibly attempt to list such things as stickers, cards, posters and calendars because then I'd have to take pictures of a dozen walls and a mess of stuff. I also did not put any VHS since it's a dead format. The only thing I have on VHS and not in a better format is some French episodes.

Manga: All 18 Sailor Moon and 3 Sailor V in Japanese & French. The new versions up to 7. Not everything is in this picture since various volumes are scattered around the room.

DVD: Season 1 & R dubbed. Season 1 & R subbed by ADV. Season 1 Japanese release. S and SuperS pioneer version. Stars bootleg. Movies in both domestic and Japanese releases.

Laser Disc: Season 1, R and S as well as the SuperS special.

Self explanatory toys and CDs.

Memorial song and music box. Super Famicom (SNES) games. Live action CDs. Picture books.
^^() My collection is left overs compared to some of you guys!

-Sailor Moon S(2 of the 6,can't remember at the moment the actual numbers)
-First 2 VCR tapes of the same season, dubbed
-all 3 movies dubbed
-music jewelry box
-those little mini houses(Jupiter's)
-the 6 inch dolls(Pluto, Mercury, Mars
-12 inch doll(Venus)
-2 taped episodes of the S season from the WB
-trading card game(first season, dubbed)
-most of the manga(missing a few-#1,11,supers1)
-a novel based on the dub


-the stars season(minus 167-171)
-music videos(my own and others)
- a shitload of songs

On the computer

-Many images(many are screencaps, then ones I make/draw, then anime and manga images)
-plenty of icons
-a web site and a half

I really want to get PGSM things. :/ But I'm not allowed to order online.
:grey: If I could though, I'd probably be broke. ^^()

EDIT: ^^() I forgot I made two t-shirts using the screen caps but they're already breaking into those little pieces. I'm afraid to wash it. o.O

Dosei no Senshi

Aurorae Lunares
Sep 26, 2003
Palm Coast, FL, USA
ADam, this is forewarning that I have sent ninjas to steal things from you. Yes, the Teletia S is one of those things. Unfortunately for some of us, I'm kidding. Seriously, how CAN you afford all of that? If you ever just want to give anything away, I'll be more than happy to recieve.

...I love Canadians...

...Canadia rox...



Solaris Luna
Nov 8, 2003
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I've been working full time since about 4 months before the live action show started. Hehe. Well it's not that I have money to just throw away. This stuff has always been a significant amount of cost to me. But spread out over the past few years it isn't crippling. Everyone has something they waste money on.

And good luck with the phone. I keep it in my coat's breast pocket most of the time so you'll have to send a ninja to fight me.
Oct 25, 2003
Brooklyn, New York
I gotta get a webcam heres a list for now:
16 out of the 18 Japanese Manga books
All of the english Manga
All episodes movies on Tape
Sailor Moon S on DVD
A copy of Dreaming Moon
4 Super Famicom games R, S, Super S and Another Story(w/box and manual)
Sailor Moon R for GB
Sailor Moon SuperS for PS
All of the cards for the Sailor Moon CCG except a few foil cards
An entire set of Japanese Sailor Moon Cards
9 Posters
Artbooks 1,2,3,5 and Materials Anime artbooks I, II and R
7 Film comic books
PGSM manga up to #7
Dubbed R,S and Super S movies on tape (the boxes are nice)
All of the "Scout guides" in english except jupiter which is in Japanese
Tuxedo Kamen, Mercury, Saturn keychain
Venus and Mercury figures
Moon Prism Power Henshin Brooch
Sailor Moon Roleplay and Resource book & complete book of Youma
Slides of the Amazon Trio
Sailor Moon S Memorial
Sailor Moon SuperS Musical
All 3 Sailor V manga
2 Animerica with Sailor Moon on the cover
Sailor Moon dub audio tape, Lunar Rock CD, Full Moon Collection, Sailor Moon World Super Best Collection, Sailor Moon 1st Season soundtrack, Sailor Moon S soundtrack

That all I can remember and see for now I hope I didnt leave anything out.
*blinks* Sweet jesus o_o You people have a lot of stuff. Ummm... Not that I'm one to talk eh heh ^^;;;;;; I'd take a pic or list what I have but I'm at my dorm right now and beyond having a lot of random things I'm missing a lot of stuff that I really have. And I've stopped buying Sailor Moon stuff a lot over the past year or two until PGSM came out and renewed my interests. I threw away any posters I had because posters just are annoying and take up space. Maybe if this is still around when I'm at home I'll be able to post a picture ^^;;;
Dec 23, 2003

I tried to take a little pic and the batteries in the camera were dead. I don't have much in the grand scheme of things. Just some pieces I've picked up because I thought they were cool- the latest being the Star Music Box Locket from Season 1.

But you all have really cool toys!

I want the plushies!

- kyleen
Wow I wish I had that much sailor moon stuff, mine pales in comparison.. oh well

A SuperS poster my friend Marie got me for Christmas ^_^ my Mam made me get it framed as she won't let me put posters on the walls.

Nine Irwin Dolls, six of which (the dark Blue ones) I found in a specialist toy and model shop called Popcorn. Three I got in (various) Woolworths when Irwin licenced them to Vivid Imaginations over here for a breif period.

One Sailor Pluto keyring and two German tiny figures I got from a comic book/Sci Fi shop called Forbidden Planet (Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus though you can only see her legs here ><;; Venus is top heavy and never stands up.)

S Movie DVD, Classic & R Boxsets (all region one but my DVD player plays both ^_^ so does the family one)

Mixx Manga: SM 1-11, "SuperS" (>< stupid Mixx) 1,2, and 4 (I can't seem to get a hold of 3 :( )

French Sailor V manga

A really stupid Read-and-Learn "STARS" magazine I got just because it was a Sailor Moon Issue, (why on earth else would I buy an educational magazine aimed at four year olds? It even pictures 'Serena' struggeling over the question "You post letters in this...")