Your unpopular Sailor Moon opinions

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Sep 6, 2014
Then anothet unpopular opinion. When it comes to the old dub I prefer Tracy Moore way better than Terry Hawks.
I wouldn’t call that an unpopular. Plenty of fans prefer Tracey Moore over Terri Hawkes. It’s pretty split down the middle. Though I notice, in general, fans who are more attached to the Dic dub tend to prefer Hawkes and those who like the Japanese version muc better tend to prefer Moore


Lumen Cinererum
Nov 19, 2020
I love the moment Usagi nearly kills herself in the Dark Kingdom Arc. It's very relatable. For God's sake, she was just forced to kill the man she's loved for two lifetimes. It just shows how passionate and emotional she is and I absolutely love it.


Aurorae Lunares
Apr 1, 2020
Demande was the most handsome dude in Crystal while his character was too immature. I like the change of the ending from the manga.


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May 7, 2009
Is this a thread supposedly for posting any unpopular opinions about Sailor Moon? :confused:
Wasn't my intent, but I'm not going to stop you if you want to.
I asked that question because the current thread title itself suggests that more general meaning, so it's up to you whether to reword it to make it more specific, or let the discussions here be the more general ones. :)
Jul 31, 2012
Outer Space
A few Unpopular Opinions:

1.) I prefer 90's Rei because she isn't boring as has multiple layers to her and as someone mentioned before, PGSM Rei is also better than Crystal's Rei and probably the best take on her.
2.) I find Crystal's Kunzite oddly attractive and think he's the best-looking male in the entire series. He is Bishounen all the way.
3.) I originally liked the idea of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars being the only soldiers in the first season and I think the show could have survived with just those three alone.
4.) I like Crystal Usagi more than 90's Usagi overall.
Jul 5, 2009
Many fans prefer Manga/Crystal Rei but I prefer her temper in the 90s anime and the dynamic between her and Usagi.
A few Unpopular Opinions:

1.) I prefer 90's Rei because she isn't boring as has multiple layers to her and as someone mentioned before, PGSM Rei is also better than Crystal's Rei and probably the best take on her.
I don't think those are unpopular. You go to :usagi: Facebook groups and its pretty much the same here. Majority prefer the 90's.
Jun 17, 2019
- Stars arc is the manga's best arc and is what elevated the manga from simply being "good" into what I consider to be a deconstructive masterpiece.
- The characterization in the manga isn't as bad as it's detractors say, in fact in some respects I would say it's a lot more deeper and nuanced than the 90's anime at times. You just don't get to see it that often because the manga is too short and the pacing is too fast, but being scarce doesn't automatically equal being bad, what is there is frequently miles ahead of the anime.
- Manga!Galaxia isn't just one of the best Sailor Moon villains, but one of the best fictional villains of all time.
- SuperS is better than Stars in the anime, yeah I said it.
- PGSM is the best interpretation of the Dark Kingdom arc, with Crystal being the worst
- The Doom Tree/Makaiju arc was good and despite being filler had a better plot than both SuperS and Stars.
- Ami and Mako are boring characters overall, (except in PGSM) Rei and Mina are the best thing about the Inners and this is why the Outers as a team will always be superior on the whole
- However Manga and PGSM Minako are both much better characters than 90's anime Minako, 90's anime Minako in the first 2 seasons was a block of wood
- While the aging up of Mamoru was a stupid decision in the 90's anime, his age gap with Usagi really isn't that bad.
- The entire Sen/Shi concept besides Venus/Kunzite is stupid.
- Chibi-Usa isn't that bad, yes even in the 90's anime.
- As much as their chemistry was good Seiya was kind of a "nice guy" creep in the 90's anime.
- The VIZ dub isn't amazing, but it's not irredeemable garbage like some in the fandom would have you believe either.
- Tigers Eye and Hawk's Eye didn't deserve their redemption, they were both PUA creeps and never did the actual hard emotional work for redemption like Fish did.
- Outside of Lead Crow and Aluminum Siren, Stars anime has the weakest villains in the series.
- I like all versions of Rei equally (Except Crystal!Rei, she's barely even a character)
- I like SM as is, but I still say it would've been more interesting if Naoko went with her original concept of Minako as the main character and having the story told through her eyes with Usagi just being the Princess she's sworn to protect, Minako is a much more interesting character than Usagi imho.
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