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I purchased a ticket to watch the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Musical -Kaguya through Japan 2.5D Stage Play World. I was supposed to receive a separate email with the Viewer URL and LiveCODE and I have checked my spam inbox and I haven't received the email yet. I have contacted support for their website and they haven't responded. What do you suggest I should do?
Not sure what you can do but wait. Were they supposed to send the url and code right away? Maybe they don't send that out until a day or two before? If you don't hear anything from them by Monday, I guess you could try contacting them again?
Is anyone else besides me getting sick of gender, race, politics, religion, woke/anti woke rants, etc. being brought into pretty much every thread on here?
Well, I canceled my order on Brilliant Diamond due to the fact that most of the special features they added to the game are not on the cart itself.

So I ended up buying Astria Ascending instead.

Also there is a Twitch app for the Switch. Been listening to Ironmouse last night cause my brain was don't wanna play games tonight.

And if you saw my Twitter, Dan Salvato is an a-hole. Just got to the first restart after
5 things await in the mail. Snack bags from China, a Zangoose plush to match my kigurumi, Witcher Dice Set, a copy of Cupid Parasite, and a copy of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. I was introduced to Pokemon via Diamond on the DS, but I gave up on it cause I couldn't defeat Cynthia. I also picked up another cookbook, Ramsay in 10. I like quick meals and I have a busy schedule.

Also currently playing Monster Hunter Rise.