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Glasses broke. Got my second pair on. Got an apointment this upcoming Wednesday to do an Eye Exam. So I might get new glasses next month instead of an iPod Touch 256GB.
So I may get my iPod touch next month. I'm halfway saved enough money cause I sold my Pokemon cards. And I bought a Bento Box Recipe book. Also, I need to buy the case on eBay, due to the fact no store sells them.
I said f*** it and bought Disgaea 5 Complete on the eShop. Now have 800 gold coins in my account. Still no word from Amazon about my copy of Monster Hunter Rise. I hope I get it before Easter.
Got my LGBTQ+ themed tarot deck along with a book based on the Foo Fighters. Also bought Bluetooth EarPods. I vomited twice yesterday, but the apartment meeting went well. I might move in May cause two people are moving in April. Place is nice.
New upcoming rogue like games with catchy music and using playing magical cards as weapons, Dandy Ace is releasing on Steam in three weeks. The console versions are in the summer.
So, I bought a new tarot deck and upped my Plum membership. Got a 20$CAD Coupon to use in April to June. I might use it to buy a LGBTQ+ tarot themed deck in April. I didn't buy my Edge membership cause I have enough points for it to be renew it.
So, picked up VOEZ off the eShop for 20$CAD and paid my fiancé for Amazon stuff he got me. If the weather is ok tomorrow, will go to EBGames to renew my EDGE Card Membership and pick up a Mario game.
Yeah. I'm buying Brilliant Diamond because I never gotten a chance to beat Cynthia on the DS game. It was my first Pokemon introduction game.
Princess Venus
Princess Venus
Well, all of Cynthia’s Pokémon had perfect IVs. It’s no wonder she was so tough.
Not only are they remaking them, they are remaking Pokemon Snap as well that I am looking forward to! But the new Diamond and Pearl look amazing! There is also a new game called Legends coming out next year that looks pretty wicked! :)
Thanks for the kind comments when I'm at my low. Anyways, my Switch game got delayed for 2 days. Next week, I'm getting paid. Fiance is picking up Monster Hunter Rise and YS IX off Amazon. Then do a little Precure shopping off AmazonJP.