The music Dic vs the Japanese original.

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Jul 6, 2018
DiC has nothing like this. Crystal has nothing like this. While every Sailor Moon adaptation has good and not so good tracks, OG anime is my personal winner. Guys do you know where to find the track that is used in the elevator scene with Zoisite. A remake of it was used in S as something prof. Tomoe supposedly composed. I am looking for both of them, but the first version is harder to find. This one, but the ost version and the season 1 was ersion as well. Thanks in advance.
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Apr 9, 2019
Definitely the Japanese original. It just has so much more emotion and is more memorable. Sailor Moon S has one of my all-time favorite anime soundtracks. I love how the music sounds elegant and mesmerizing one minute, with the Outer's transformation music, mysterious and subdued the next, and then beautiful and heartbreaking after that.

I wouldn't say DiC's music was absolutely horrendous or anything, it did have a few good tracks, but it just doesn't hold a candle to the amazing original. It was too monotonous and repetitive, and I didn't like how it just droned on constantly. It's like the staff at DiC didn't understand how effective silence can be for dramatic purposes. I understand some people prefer the DiC music, and that's fine -- everyone has their opinions and preferences, but even then, I feel that from a purely technical standpoint, the Japanese music is superior. Reason being... it has variety and uses real instruments. DiC uses mostly synthesized music.